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Experiential Learning Field Trips

Help your child connect with nature and learn from experience and observation through our Experiential Learning Field Trips. Every Sunday we take child ren to nature spots, museums, monuments, treks and places of first hand learning.


We conduct fun workshops and activities for children including team games, brain games, nature art and craft, camping and much more.

Events and Celebrations

Playstation believes in celebrating life. Celebrations and events at PlayStation are under the banner of its venture 'Expressions'. We celebrate events like Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Environment Day, Friendship Day and Children's Day.

Pune Fun Street

PlayStation, in collaboration with Pune Pulse, WRF and NRRF organises and participates in the Pune Fun Street Events.

PlayStation Seniors

As a contribution to society, PlayStation extends its services to Senior Citizens by involving them in its events and workshops.

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